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Welcome to the Living Elder Scrolls! Here, Tamriel comes to life through our creativity, including recreations of armor, weapons, jewelry, clothing, and other objects from the beloved series of Bethesda games (and, of course, Zenimax's ESO :P)

Everyone is welcome to join, and join requests are automatically accepted, but there are some rules that you should keep in mind.

:bulletyellow: Please submit artwork to the appropriate folder. Artwork not submitted to the appropriate folder will be declined. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask.

:bulletyellow: NO nudity or sexual innuendo allowed.

1) No deviations other than cosplay and crafts will be accepted. That means no drawings, sketches, ect will be accepted. This group is for real life objects, costumes, co-plays, and crafts based on The Elder Scrolls series only!

2) Only members may submit art.

3) Members may submit up to 10 artworks per folder per day.

4) Artwork must be approved before it will be displayed in a gallery.

5) The featured folder is for showing off our best work! Only the founder can submit to this folder!

:bulletyellow: All submissions must also follow all other dA rules and policies.

Gallery Folders

The Wares of Khajiit by EepaSketch
ESO - Beauty of Dawn - COVER [Read Desc] by xDark-Divine
Ebony Dagger replica II by ryoshi-un
COSPLAY: Elder Scrolls Online, Altmer High Elf by DymondStarr
Morrowind Cosplay
The Great Houses - House Dres Slaver by Isugi
The Great Houses - House Dres warrior by Isugi
The Great Houses - Ashlander by Isugi
The Great Houses - The Royal Guard of House Hlaalu by Isugi
Morrowind Crafts
morrowind- teeth of Urshilaku by MangaHimeDollHeart
Dwemer scrap metal ring with glass by Babonga
Ash statue(with paperbacks to compare size) by Babonga
Ash statue pocket charm by Babonga
Oblivion Cosplay
The Silence Has Been Broken by UmiChan666
Whisper in the dark. by UmiChan666
Crouching Assassin by DemoraFairy
Sheogorath-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by KeiTakasugi
Oblivion Crafts
Ayleids Torture implements by Erinus20
Two Oblivion pendants by Babonga
My orc head guardian artifact by Babonga
mysterium Xarxes by MangaHimeDollHeart
Skyrim Cosplay
Bosmer wild hunt armor- wip by ArsynalProps
Bosmer wild hunt armor- wip- arm armor by ArsynalProps
Bosmer wild hunt armor- wip by ArsynalProps
Nightingale Armor Cosplay by CamKitty2
Skyrim Crafts
Glass Dagger - Skyrim by ArsynalProps
Stalhrim Dagger by ArsynalProps
Stalhrim Dagger - For sale by ArsynalProps
Mining in Darkwater Crossing by Erinus20
ESO Cosplay
TESO Aldmeri: I will find you and I will kill you. by DymondStarr
The Elder Scrolls Online - Breton Knight by AdharaNeil
The Elder Scrolls Online - Breton by NinjaForge
The Elder Scrolls Online - Breton by NinjaForge
ESO Crafts
Elder Scrolls Online - Imperial Cavalry Papercraft by RocketmanTan
Elder Scrolls Online - Imperial Galleon Papercraft by RocketmanTan
ESO- miniature Valenwood Dolmen by MangaHimeDollHeart
ESO- barbaric maple staff by MangaHimeDollHeart
TES misc stuff
Elder Scrolls / Fantasy Room Decor by Erinus20
GIF- roaming Skyrim by MangaHimeDollHeart


Pyrography Paarthurnax and Alduin bookmarks by BumbleBeeFairy
Skyrim circlet by ookamihana14
Alduin by SilentHawk2x3
Daedric Shrine Diorama by Dandowin
Morrowind Cosplay
Dagoth Ur Cosplay by Boulayo
Morrowind by JustMoolti
TES III: Morrowind - Almalexia's cosplay by Sereniti-Dragonheart
Morrowind Crafts
Betty and Bull Netch Earrings by Boarfeathers
The Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi by VitoGraffito
Elder Scrolls III: Moon and Star Morrowind Ring by EarthforgeDesigns
Daedric Shrine Diorama by Dandowin
Oblivion Cosplay
Golden Saint Revisited by agentcyanide
Lady Sheogorath by LyddiDesign
Lady Sheogorath by LyddiDesign
Oblivion Crafts
Amulet of Plot Advancement by ElegantlyEccentric
Mysterium Xarxes by LoveryLine
Claymore Sword from Oblivion by evan3585
Skyrim Cosplay
The priest by ErikCosplay
Epic Skyrim Group by Colzy-Chan
Skyrim Orc Mage by habren
JDhanirr. by AtmosFur
Skyrim Crafts
Skyrim circlet by ookamihana14
Pyrography Paarthurnax and Alduin bookmarks by BumbleBeeFairy
Alduin by SilentHawk2x3
Alduin - Skyrim by Vrashat
ESO Cosplay
The Elder Scrolls Online elven cosplay by emilyrosa
Queen Ayrenn by kaloheart7
The Elder Scrolls Online sweet elven cosplay by emilyrosa
Elder Scrolls Online : Daedric Warlord Cosplay by CpCody
ESO Crafts
ESO Mousepads by BlueRoseNZ
The Elder Scrolls Online Pendant 1 by Worldofjewelcraft
The elder scrolls online jewelry by Worldofjewelcraft
The Elder Scrolls Online Pendant by Worldofjewelcraft




Hi everybody! i am the new admin and whatnot for the group! I wanted to post and tell everyone hello. Maybe in the upcoming months we can do something fun such as contests or something? would people here enjoy that?
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Babonga Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you sooooo much for accepting my submissions friends. I really appreciate it. 😺
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Babonga Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Ok now that I joined (thank you so much!) how do I submit art into the collections? I try, it says that my art is being reviewed. But it takes forever. What do I do wrong?😺
Babonga Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
It is really inspired work that you do here. How do I join?
Erinus20 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Thanks for accepting my work, I am grateful! :)
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so I joined and now I wanted to add my piece to group but no matter what it doesn't show up in the list your group
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ugh, how have I not joined this group yet? lol Fixed that issue x3
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Thank you for the invitation!:)
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